For Corporate Orders, we require a 50% deposit and the full balance to be paid by the date stated on the invoice.  Payments made after the date stated on the invoice will be deemed overdue and will incur an overdue interest rate of 5% on the outstanding balance, added each 7 day period.

WE DO NOT have a 20th of the month policy.

We do not have credit card facilities.

For Private Catering, we require a 50% deposit  to confirm the booking and the balance paid at least  10 days prior to the function.

Any alteration to the order must be made at least 72 hours prior to the function or delivery

Deductions  cannot be less than 50% of the original invoice.

If your function is cancelled, we require at least 72 hours notice.  A cancellation fee of 30% applies to the original order. Full payment of the original invoice will be required to be paid if the cancellation is made after the 72 hour period.

Any platters, plates, bowls etc broken or lost by the client must be paid for by the client, ie: the person or company being invoiced.

We take no responsibility once the food has been delivered - although we will advise if any platters, canapes etc should be refrigerated

All platters etc will be collected by Tall Poppies Catering Company Ltd. 

However, on the occasion that these items cannot be left at the venue, we will arrange to collect the items from the client.

All our products are subject to availability

All our prices are GST exclusive

There is a 15% surcharge on all public holidays

By confirming an order with Tall Poppies Catering Company Ltd, the client agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

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