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Gourmet Canapes

Email us for full details of the menu

Canape Delivery Information  

  • All Canapes are designed to be served cold or at room temperature.

  • Except the Seafood which is delivered cold

  • Canapes are labelled GF, V, VEGAN, Contains Nuts etc.....

  • Delivered, plated ready to serve

  • NO Chef required on site

  • Disposable Boxes available - $8.00 + gst each

  • We can also supply White Crockery Side Plates, Serviettes

  • & any Glassware Required - Additional

Per Person Recommendations

1/2 Hr - 2 Hrs     2 - 8   Canapes pp

2 Hrs - 4 Hrs     8 - 16  Canapes pp with a Selection of Gourmet Platters

4+ Hrs               16        Canapes pp with a Selection of Gourmet Platters

From the Vegetable Patch

$4.25 + gst each

Minimum of 20 per plate

ONE option per plate

  1. Fire-Roasted Red Pepper & Chèvre Tartlets

  2. Pikelets with Chilli Pickled Pear, Gorgonzola & Toasted Walnuts

  3. Cherry Tomato & Basil Crostini with Extra Virgin Arbequina Olive Oil

  4. Cherry Tomatoes, Fresh Basil & Boccoccini Skewers

  5. Tartlets of Fig & Pear Chutney with English Stilton

  6. Watermelon & Sumac 

  7. Herbed Falafel with Garlic Hummus on Turkish Pide

  8. Antipasti Skewers of Cherry Tomato, Artichoke & Boccoccini

  9. Buckwheat Blinis with Beetroot Relish & Sour Cream

  10. Grilled Portabello Mushroom Tartlets with Mushroom & Thyme Pesto

  11. Macadamia Nut Dukkah Crusted Cumin & Garlic Feta with Sweet Tomato Relish

  12. Thyme Roasted Baby Beetroot with Creamed Ash Goats Cheese on Crostini

  13. Grilled Zucchini with Chèvre Cheese & Sweet Tomato Relish 

  14. Tartlet with Babaghanoush & Grilled Aubergine

  15. Medjool Dates stuffed with Toasted Walnut, Chèvre & Honey

  16. Tartlet of Minted Pea, Broad Bean & Edamame Bean with Basil Pesto

From the Paddock

$4.25 + gst each

Minimum of 20 per plate

ONE option per plate

  1. Charcuterie Terrine with Spiced Black Cherry on Crostini

  2. Pork & Prune Terrine with Roasted Peach Chutney

  3. Honey Dew Melon with Serrano Ham & Cracked Black Pepper

  4. Roast Eye Fillet of Beef en Croute with Smoked Chipotle & Tomato Relish

  5. Seared Lamb with Eggplant Pickle in a Tartlet

  6. Tartlets of Crumbled Traditional Black Pudding with Chilli Pickled Pear

  7. Gorgonzola Cream Tartlets with Semi-Dried Black Fig

  8. Chicken Tikka Masala with Toasted Coconut on Naan

  9. Lamb Rogan Josh with Toasted Coconut on Naan

  10. Tomato & Garlic Rubbed Bruschetta with Rockmelon, Prosciutto & Micro Greens

  11. Beef Pastrami with Pikopiko Plum Chutney on 5 Grain Toast

  12. Roast Beef Sirloin en Croute with Horseradish Cream & Micro Greens

  13. Buffalo Mozzarella & Fresh Basil Wrapped in Parma Ham

  14. Spanish Chorizo with Manchego & Rocket

From the Air

$4.25 + gst each

Minimum of 20 per plate

ONE option per plate

  1. Homemade Cognac, Chicken & Duck Liver Parfait with Caramelised Onion on Melba Toast

  2. Cinnamon Scented Seared Duck Tartlets with Spiced Black Cherry

  3. Duck Rillettes with Quince Jelly in Tartlet

  4. Smoked Chicken with French Brie & Whole Cranberry Jelly

From the Sea

$4.25 + gst each

Minimum of 20 per plate

ONE option per plate

  1. Buckwheat Blinis with Lemon Creme Fraiche & Smoked Kawakawa & Lime Salmon

  2. Cold Smoked Salmon with Parsley Cream on Pumpernickel

  3. Seared Tuna with Toasted Sesame Seeds & Wasabi Vinaigrette

  4. King Prawn with Thai Basil & Coriander Dressing

  5. Vol-au-Vents with Gravadlax Salmon & Lime Creme Fraiche

Vegan / Plant Based

$4.25 + gst each

Minimum of 20 per plate

ONE option per plate

  1. Fire-Roasted Red Pepper & Vegan Feta in a Filo Tartlet

  2. Chilli Pickled Pears, Toasted Walnuts & Smoked Vegan Cheddar in a Filo Tartlet

  3. Cherry Tomato, Fresh Basil & Vegan Mozzarella Skewer

  4. Fig & Pear Chutney with Crushed Roasted Walnuts in Filo Tartlets

  5. Watermelon & Sumac

  6. Herbed Falafel with Garlic Hummus

  7. Antipasti Skewer with Cherry Tomato, Artichoke  & Vegan Cheddar

  8. Macadamia Nut Dukkah Crusted Vegan Mozzarella with Sweet Tomato Relish

  9. Grilled Portabello Mushroom with Herb Oil in a Filo Tartlet

  10. Thyme Roasted Baby Beetroot on 5 Seed Vegan Toast 

  11. Grilled Zucchini with Vegan Feta & Sweet Tomato Relish

  12. Filo Tartlets with Babaghanoush & Grilled Aubergine

  13. Minted Pea, Broad Bean, Edamame & Herb Oil Tartlet

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